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Getting Married in Jamaica

Persons getting married in Jamaica must be in country for 24 hours before the ceremony can be performed and no blood tests are required.

In order to obtain a marriage license, the couple should contact the Registrar General's Department approximately two weeks before the wedding with the following:

Certified copies of bride and groom's birth certificate.Valid identification for bride and groom (National ID, Passport, Driver's Licence, etc.).

Occupation of bride and groom

If either party was married before, certified final divorce papers or death certificate of deceased spouse

The relevant fees

Once the ceremony is performed, the marriage officer will present the bride with the signed marriage license. With that document, an official marriage certificate can be obtained through the Registrar General's Department online service at the Registrar General's Office in Jamaica.

Civil Registrars and Marriage officers:

Silvera Castro 925-3690, 815-4185

AAron Dumas 399-2383, 929-1667

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