Getting Married?

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Ideally the first thing you need to do is pick a date, once you have done this the next step depends on where the wedding ceremony will be held.  I know that for most brides the urge is to start wedding dress shopping, but this is a desire you have to battle.  Depending on the church you are planning to use for your ceremony the day of the week that you get married may be out of your control.  The most common scenario is churches that meet on a Sunday are only available for wedding ceremonies on a Saturday.   Meet with your church official and ensure that the date you have selected is available for the ceremony.

Next and probably the most difficult task is choosing your reception venue, this decision will influence most of the other decisions you will make.  When choosing a wedding reception venue some of the factors that will affect your decision are; budget, location and available dates.  Reception venues tend to vary extensively in price from the economical to the extravagant and also which services they offer.  They range from all-inclusive banquet halls providing the venue, decorations, meal, bar services, etc.  to venue only secluded  hideaways that offer breathtaking views making your reception a unique and private affair.  Your reception budget will assist in narrowing down the list of vendors that are in your price range.   Most of the research can be done online and over the phone, before its time to start with site visits.

Typically the all-inclusive banquet halls are the most affordable option on the market for wedding reception venues.  Most of these facilities will simplify the process by having packages to choose from and have a single vendor will be a blessing in disguise especially if a wedding planner was not in the budget.  At the other end of the spectrum choosing a reception venue that only offers a space you will have to select vendors for catering, rentals, bar services, decorations,  D.J.s ,etc. the list can get quit long.  A wedding planner that has expertise with that particular venue is recommended.

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